About the Course

An understanding of mechanical advantage systems — in raising and lower modes — is crucial to all rope rescue technicians. Dealing with Mass and Force is aspects of consequence if not considered during operations. Working with tensioned anchor systems, guying systems, high directionals, load positioning and litter movement all come into play when building mainline systems. If these are areas of concern for you — or simply areas in your rigging and rope rescue knowledge that you'd like to strengthen — this course is for you. 

What You'll Learn

Join us inside Mainline Systems where we'll dive into must-know material on:

  • Understanding the effects of gravity and friction on mainline systems

  • Mechanical Advantage Theory

  • Terms and definitions of mechanical advantage systems

  • Types of pulley systems

  • How and when to use Long Line MA Systems

  • How and when to use Block and Tackle Systems

  • Calculating tension force using the T-Method

  • And more!

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  • Rigging Lab Academy: Multiple Instructors

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    Rigging Lab Academy: Multiple Instructors

    This course is brought to you through the efforts of multiple Rigging Lab Academy Instructors. These instructors have hand-selected material from their full-featured courses — all of which are exclusively available here at Rigging Lab Academy — and contributed them to a specific section or unit of this course. By blending the teachings of various instructors, Rigging Lab Academy members will gain exposure to different areas of expertise, course materials, and teaching methodologies.

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Unit 1: Welcome
  • 2
    Unit 2: Mechanical Advantage and Pulley Systems
    • 2.1 Pulley Systems And A Few Differences In Set Ups
    • 2.2 Video Tutorial: Mechanical Advantage, Part 1
    • 2.3 Video Tutorial: Mechanical Advantage, Part 2
    • 2.4 Video Tutorial: Mechanical Advantage, Part 3
    • 2.5 Video Tutorial: Raise Systems During a Two Rope Offset, Part 4
    • 2.6 Video Tutorial: Revealed Concepts of Mechanical Advantage
    • 2.7 Video Tutorial: Theoretical Mechanical Advantage FREE PREVIEW
    • 2.8 Quiz: Pulley Systems
  • 3
    Unit 3: Raising Systems
    • 3.1 Raising Systems
    • 3.2 Video Tutorial: Simple Pulley System and Mechanical Advantage 5:1 to 9:1 Progression
    • 3.3 Video Tutorial: Inside 9 Complex Pulley System Using the CMC MPD and Petzl ID
    • 3.4 Video Tutorial: Ganged On Pulley System
    • 3.5 Video Tutorial: Complex Mechanical Advantage Pulley System
    • 3.6 Quiz: Mechanical Advantage Raising Systems
  • 4
    Unit 4: Lowering Systems
    • 4.1 Pulley Systems for Hauling, Lowering and Holding
    • 4.2 Other Considerations When Building Any Raise and or Lowering System
    • 4.3 Team rescue techniques for hauling and lowering
    • 4.4 Lowering a rescue load using twin tensioned haul lines
  • 5
    Unit 5: Mirrored Raising Systems
    • 5.1 Mirrored or Two Tension Raising Systems
    • 5.2 Video Tutorial: Mirrored Skate Block Overview
    • 5.3 Video Tutorial: Mirrored Skate Block Top Anchor Considerations
    • 5.4 Video Tutorial: Mirrored Skate Block-Configuration of the Bottom Anchor System
    • 5.5 Video Tutorial: V Anchor System for Mirrored & Twin Tension Systems
    • 5.6 Video Tutorial: Twin Highline System: Tandem Tension System
    • 5.7 Video Tutporial: Twin Tension Mirrored System in Class 4 Litter Movement
    • 5.8 Quiz: Mirrored Raising Systems
  • 6
    Unit 6: Jiggers & Minis
    • 6.1 Jiggers & Minis
    • 6.2 Video Tutorial: Advanced Rigging Physics 3: Theoretical Mechanical Advantage
    • 6.3 Video Tutorial: AZTEK Overview
    • 6.4 Video Tutorial: Elements of Rigging: Reeving Double Pulleys
    • 6.5 Video Tutorial: Foundations & Concepts of Slackline Rigging 2: Reeving a 5:1 Pulley System
    • 6.7 Quiz: Jiggers & Minis
  • 7
    Unit 7: Winch & Capstan
    • 7.1 Winch & Capstan
    • 7.2 Video Tutorial: Harken Riggers Winch General Information
    • 7.3 Video Tutorial: Loading the Harken Riggers Winch
    • 7.4 Video Tutorial: Harken Riggers Winch Moving from Descent Mode to Raise Mode
    • 7.5 Video Tutorial: Skyhook Rescue Systems Spec Ops Winch
    • 7.6 Video Tutorial: Industrial Track Line: Bottom Section - Skyhook Winch
    • 7.7 Quiz: Winch & Capstan
  • 8
    Unit 8: Wrap Up
    • 8.1 Wrap Up

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What Students Are Saying

  • Great course

    Gabriel Jimenez

    I can remember so many things with this course. Thanks for all the support!

    I can remember so many things with this course. Thanks for all the support!

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  • Rigging the Hauling System

    John Lindstrom

    In video 6.4 Pat Rhodes demonstrates the proper method of rigging a block and tackle (Aztec) with the pulleys at right angles to prevent the lines from cross...

    Read More

    In video 6.4 Pat Rhodes demonstrates the proper method of rigging a block and tackle (Aztec) with the pulleys at right angles to prevent the lines from crossing and creating friction. In video 6.5 the slack line instructor rigs the pulley in the same plane, and ends up with a rope crossing another. When I teach block rigging I always start with the blocks at right angles (Pat’s method), and immediately anchor the rope to define whether the MA will be even or odd. I finish with the attachment of the progress capture device.

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