About the Course

The foundations of learning are found in the skill of knowing what you do know and why, as well as knowing what you don't know and why. This is called “metacognition” and it simply means “beyond the cognition or thinking”.

Team Building is the cornerstone of life.  Personal and Profession intersect when Leadership meets Culture.  A simple equation explains this... E + R = O: Events + Response = Outcomes.

Working through your ability to use your own prior knowledge to plan a strategy for approaching a learning task, take necessary steps to problem solve, reflect on and evaluate results, and then modify your approach as needed is what this course is all about. 

The goal of “teaching strategies” is to help learners become comfortable with these strategies so that they employ them automatically to learning tasks, focusing their attention, deriving meaning, and making adjustments if something goes wrong. 

We don’t think about these skills while performing them but, if asked what we are doing, we can usually accurately describe their metacognitive processes. 

This is really important. These skills are not only keys for our own survival in environments where we aren’t super comfortable, but skills that allows us to create a connection to what we’re doing that brings about a significance that otherwise wouldn’t have been there.

The ultimate goal for using metacognition as a tool in our rigging is to build relevant solutions to these elements...

  1. What are we actually trying to accomplish and why?

  2. Deal with the conflicts within our systems and or our leadership decisions.

  3. Understand the environment we are working in and have an authoritative solution to the problem.

  4. Develop a succinct process and plan that avoids unnecessary conflict and agree on the solution.

  5. Have a complete call to action or stepped process to complete the “assignment”.

  6. Understand the costs and benefits of a given solution.

  7. Evaluate successful completion

What You'll Learn

Inside this course, we’ll cover topics like...

  • Metacognitive strategies & knowledge

  • The 3 categories of metacognitive knowledge

  • Personal variables

  • Task variables

  • Strategy variables

  • And more!

Learn from One of the Best in the Industry

Learn more about the expert instructor

  • Lance Piatt

    CEO & Founder of Rescue Response Gear & Rigging Lab Academy

    Lance Piatt

    Lance is the Founder and CEO of Rigging Lab Academy and Rescue Response Gear. Currently residing in Sisters, Oregon, Lance spent 10 years with Jefferson County Search and Rescue. He enjoys a variety of hobbies including surfing, trail running, paddling, climbing and mountain biking. His passions are all forms of media, storytelling, and his family. In 2005, Lance created the first-ever “feature-length” training project for the rescue and safety industry called Tower Rescue and the rest, they say, “is history”. Through Rescue Response Gear and Rigging Lab Academy, online training standards for fire departments and search and rescue teams have continued to rise.

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Unit 1: Beyond What We Think
    • 1.1 Welcome To The Cornerstone
    • 1.2 Strategies for Building A Better Team
    • 1.3 The Prep Phase and Getting Started With Learning The Ropes
  • 2
    Unit 2: Elements of Thinking Beyond
    • 2.1 Metacognitive Knowledge & Regulation
    • 2.3 Construction Phase of Learning
    • 2.5 Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation... A Success Path
  • 3
    Unit 3: Leadership and Team Building (A Primer)
    • 3.1 Beginning Your Journey
    • 3:2 Managing People by Managing Your Emotions
    • 3.3 Establishing A Vision and a Culture For Your Team
    • 3.4 Setting Goals For Your Team
    • 3.5 Adding Discipline and Structure To Your Team
    • 3.6 Hope vs Results
    • 3.7 Kairos Time - When a Team Becomes a Force
  • 4
    Unit 4: Leadership Through Your Response | E + R = O
    • 4.01 Leadership Through Your Response
    • 4.1 E+R=O | The Mindset
    • 4:2 E + R = O | Press Pause
    • 4.3 E+R=O | Get Your Mind Right
    • 4.4 E + R = O | Step Up
    • 4.5 E + R = O | Adjust and Adapt
    • 4.6 E + R = O | Make A Difference
    • 4.7 E + R = O | Build Skill
  • 5
    Unit 5: Your Mission Statement Sets The Marching Orders For Everyone
    • 5.1: The Mission Statement Made Simple
    • 5.2 Mission Statement: Define Your Key Characteristics
    • 5.3 Mission Statement: Determine Your Critical Actions
    • 5.4 Mission Statement: The Story Pitch (Yes... everything is about the pitch)
    • 5.5 Mission Statement: State Your Theme
    • 5.6 Applying The Guiding Principles That Govern the Mission
    • 5.7 Final Thoughts on Personal and Business Development
  • 6
    Unit 6: Wrap Up
    • 5.1 Wrap Up

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  • 100% Self-Paced

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