About the Course

It's easy to gloss over the term "friction", but how does it really apply to our systems? It can hinder and it can help, but how much?

There are some basic "rules-of-thumb" that enable us to put numbers to friction and, in turn, make sound decisions about how to work with it. If you only have one high-efficiency pulley, where should it go in the system? Learn all of this and more by joining us inside Advanced Rigging Physics 3: Friction.

What You'll Learn

Students will grow their skill set in areas such as:

  • Friction between flat surfaces

  • Friction between curved surfaces

  • Theoretical mechanical advantage

  • Managing edge friction

  • Friction and resultants

  • Rescue implications

  • Practical examples

  • And more!

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Unit 1: Welcome
    • 1.1 Welcome to Advanced Rigging Physics 3 - Friction
    • 1.2 Course Material
    • 1.3 Physics for Roping Technicians
  • 2
    Unit 2: Friction Between Flat Surfaces
    • 2.1 Video Tutorial: Friction Between Flat Surfaces
  • 3
    Unit 3: Friction Between Curved Surfaces
    • 3.1 Video Tutorial: Friction Between Curved Surfaces
  • 4
    Unit 4: Theoretical Mechanical Advantage
    • 4.1 Video Tutorial: Theoretical Mechanical Advantage
  • 5
    Unit 5: Practical Examples
    • 5.1 Video Tutorial: Practical Examples
  • 6
    Unit 6: Managing Edge Friction
    • 6.1 Video Tutorial: Managing Edge Friction
  • 7
    Unit 7: Friction and Resultants
    • 7.1 Video Tutorial: Friction and Resultants
  • 8
    Unit 8: Wrap Up
    • 8.1 Appendix: The language of mathematics and physics
    • 8.2 Wrap Up

Added Perks

Additional features Rigging Lab Academy Members are enjoying

  • Certificate of Completion

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  • 100% Self-Paced

    Go through the course material as fast or as slow as you'd like.

  • Private Discussion Board

    Ask questions, meet other students, and even chat with the course instructor.