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For over three decades, Rich Carlson has explored the sport of Canyoneering in dry, wet, and swiftwater environments. What he has to say — and the knowledge he shares inside this course — is important.

What You'll Learn

Inside Canyoneering: Anchors & Rigging Systems, you'll learn basic canyoneering anchor and rigging systems. Rich will also teach you how to implement and increase safe practices in these dynamic rigging environments.

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  • Rich Carlson

    Rigging Lab Academy Instructor | Founder of American Canyoneering Academy

    Rich Carlson

    Rich has been a wilderness traveler since the early 1970s. He started climbing in 1973 while living in Boulder, Colorado, and has since enjoyed climbing and canyoneering throughout the United States, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.Rich has built a reputation as the most experienced professional canyoneering guide and instructor in the U.S.. His experience in team building began in the mid 1980’s with Leadership Reaction Courses in the military and he has since facilitated programs for numerous companies, including many from the Fortune 500.In the spring of 1999, he became the first American to be certified as a canyoning guide in Europe and subsequently founded the American Canyoneering Association, which evolved into the American Canyoneering Academy. Now retired, Rich focuses all of his time and energy on teaching. His greatest passion is assisting with economic development and enhancing quality of life for individuals and communities around the world through the provision of training for canyoneers, professional canyon guides and rescue teams. He is especially interested in volunteering his time to serve underprivileged youth and unemployed adults in Native American communities and in developing countries.

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Unit 1: Welcome
    • 1.1 Welcome
    • 1.2 Interview with Rich Carlson & Lance Piatt
    • 1.3 Some Canyoneering History
    • 1.4 Video Tutorial: An Introduction to Canyoneering
    • 1.5 Discussion Question
  • 2
    Unit 2: Canyoneering Anchors
    • 2.2 Video Tutorial: Knot Chocks & Chockstones
    • 2.3 Quiz: Wrap 2 Pull 1
    • 2.4 Video Tutorial: Wrap 2 Pull 1
    • 2.6 Video Tutorial: Basket & Redundant Hitch
    • 2.7 The Frost Knot
    • 2.8 Video Tutorial: The Frost Knot
    • 2.9 Knots for Webbing
    • 2.10 Video Tutorial: Knots for Webbing
    • 2.12 Video Tutorial: Multipoint Anchors
    • 2.13 Sequencing Marginal Anchors
    • 2.14 Video Tutorial: Sequencing Marginal Anchors
    • 2.16 Video Tutorial: Using Friction in Building an Anchor
    • 2.17 The Deadman Anchor
    • 2.18 Video Tutorial: The Deadman Anchor
  • 3
    Unit 3: Canyoneering Rigging
    • 3.1 Core Rigging Principles - It Depends!
    • 3.2 Video Tutorial: Core Rigging Principles - It Depends!
    • 3.3 Courtesy Rigging
    • 3.4 Video Tutorial: Courtesy Rigging
    • 3.5 Ghosting & Retrievable Systems
    • 3.6 Video Tutorial: Ghosting & Retrievable Systems
    • 3.7 Belay or Backup Systems
    • 3.8 Video Tutorial: Belay or Backup Systems
    • 3.10 Video Tutorial: Twin Rope Contingency Releasable Systems
    • 3.12 Video Tutorial: Twin Rope Independant Rigging Systems
    • 3.14 Video Tutorial: Single Releasable Rigging Systems
    • 3.15 Single Rope Rigging Systems
    • 3.16 Video Tutorial: Single Rope Rigging Systems
  • 4
    Unit 4: Wrap Up
    • 4.1 Wrap Up
  • 5
    Additional Resources
    • Bonus Photo Gallery

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