Examples of operations:

  • ornamental tree trimming, to adapt the tree to its environment or to change its overall aesthetic

  • maintenance trimming to remove dead wood and dying branches

  • tree removal (progressive cutting of the truck from the top) if diseased or presenting a hazard...

Technical specifics:

  • access from the base of the tree generally starts by throwing a weighted bag with line attached. This line is used to install the access rope on an anchor up in the tree

  • while moving about on the branches, the arborist keeps his/her weight on the work rope, for greater stability and to reduce potential fall distance

  • when using any cutting tool (handsaw, chainsaw), the arborist must use two independent belay systems

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Introduction to Tree Care
    • Tree Access - Doubled and Single rope ascent technique
    • Movement within the tree - Movement on doubled and single rope
  • 2
    Progression - Movement
    • Techniques to improve returning to the trunk with SRT
    • Movement and work in the tree using DdRT and SRT with the ZIGZAG
    • Installing the ZIGZAG in SRT mode for accessing and working in the tree
    • Installing the ZIGZAG in SRT mode for accessing and working in the tree
    • Movement within the tree: returning to the trunk
    • Examples of ZIGZAG handling
  • 3
    • Compatibility of the first-generation ZIGZAG with CHICANE and KNEE ASCENT
    • Primary uses of the ZIGZAG
    • Attaching a second belay system to the ZIGZAG
    • Precautions when using the ZIGZAG
    • Review of primary ZILLON lanyard functions
    • Organizing the reserve rope of the ZILLON lanyard
    • Attaching the free end of the ZILLON lanyard: danger
  • 4
    Tests - Standards
    • ZIGZAG certification
    • Torsion on the ZIGZAG and ZILLON chain
  • 5
    • Basic tree care concepts
  • 6
    Carabiner Choice
    • Carabiner basics
    • Choice of carabiner for the ZIGZAG
    • Choice of carabiners for hauling systems and pulley attachment
    • Choice of carabiner for connecting a ZILLON or GRILLON lanyard to the harnesses
    • Examples of dangerous carabiner loading
  • 7
    Ascent - Access
    • Access on doubled rope with the ZIGZAG
    • Backing-up the ASCENTREE with the ZIGZAG during tree access
    • Access on single rope with ASCENSION and CROLL and ZIGZAG in double mode
  • 8
    Positioning - Restraint
    • Position in relation to the anchor with the ZILLON lanyard
    • Using the ZILLON lanyard in single mode
  • 9
    • Dismantling: second belay point and evacuation system with the ZIGZAG
    • Dismantling: second belay point and evacuation system on the ZIGZAG in single mode with CHICANE
    • Dismantling: choke the ZILLON lanyard
  • 10
    • Rescue: operation of the victim’s ZIGZAG by the rescuer
    • Accompanied descent rescue with two people on one ZIGZAG
  • 11
    Highlighted Gear
    • Petzl Eject
    • Petzl ZigZag Plus
    • Petzl Chicane
    • Petzl Knee Ascent Loop
    • Petzl Sequoia SRT
    • Petzl Sequoia