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Technical Tips Highlights

Technical tips and products for work at height activities. Maximize usability, simplicity and ease of use, while meeting the highest quality standard.

  • Gear In Use 1 ~ Many of us have been trained in the “rules," and these rules define the way we work. Unfortunately, while these rules guide us well when starting out they eventually come up short when dealing with more complex situations. If we instead focus on understanding the underpinning of principles first we can see how these rules are derived and then applied to the equipment and "gear in use".

  • Gear In Use 2 ~ Technical Rescue teams respond when the situation is especially difficult and requires significant resources to be deployed.

  • Gear In Use 3 ~ If a victim is not able to self-rescue the On-site work team has to respond immediately and move him/her to safety.

  • Gear In Use 4 ~ Rope access work situations often involve environments at significant height. They can be inside or outside, even confined, and are not suited for the use of "best practice" protection. Work done in confined spaces carries additional difficulties related to the lack of space, and to the lack of means of autonomous progression.

  • Gear In Use 5 ~ These fields (Energy and Networks) are characterized by structures such as towers, antennas and windmills. The modes of progression are varied, and directly related to the structure itself.

  • Gear In Use 6 ~ The Petzl way. DUO. PIXA. TACTIKKA. Petzl's professional line of equipment is trusted the world over by those venturing into the most inaccessible locations and extreme situations. What is it about the Petzl way of designing and manufacturing headlamps that makes this brand so trusted for their products' durability and reliability? It comes from who Petzl is.

  • Gear In Use 7 ~ Not all tree work can be done using exterior means such as elevated platforms or ladders. In this case, to move and work, the arborist uses rope progression techniques.