Rope Rescue Operations with Mobile Technology

Tailored Solutions for Immediate Access, Simulation-Based Training, and Personalized Skill Development

Rigging Lab Academy offers a training program that blends online and practical learning, accessible through a mobile app for convenience. The courses are frequently updated with new techniques and foster a supportive learning community, ensuring rope rescue professionals are well-equipped for real-world challenges.

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About the Team Membership

NFPA 1670 and NFPA 1006 - two documents that made a monumental shift in clarity within the fire service.  1670 expresses the "organizational requirements" within the continuity of the technical rope rescue team and 1006 covers the "professional qualification" of the individual rope rescue technician. We are providing the 90% solution guidelines for both team and individual. This includes Confined Space Rescue but does not include trench rescue, water rescue, structural collapse rescue,  or machinery and vehicle extrication.

The Small Team Membership is specifically tailored to the needs to smaller teams of five to ten members.  SAR teams are often in a bind for training and while they may have 60 or so members, only a handful of them are dedicated to the "ropes and rigging" side of things.  This dilemma holds true for many fire departments and industrial rescue teams. 


Leaders have incredible pressures on them to fix whatever is broken and raise it to new heights! Without a management and productivity system, your team won't run efficiently, resulting in frustrated team members and lower production. The management and productivity Rigging Lab Playbook will align your team, have less meetings, and get more done so you can elevate your team's performance.

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  • Fulfillment of NFPA 1006 and 1670

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  • The Master's Roadmap Success Path

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